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About Julie

Julie’s classes combine the solid, alignment-based foundation of Mukti Yoga with an intuitive teaching method that weaves the ancient wisdom of yoga into everyday life. Julie created Mukti Yoga as a way for her students to access yoga from the inside out and reach their highest potential by tapping into the power of their own breath and body movement. Creative and specific sequencing focuses on matching asana and intention with lunar cycles, seasons, and astrology. She draws from her diverse background in vinyasa, meditation, visualization and yoga nidra to offer a class that is supportive for beginners, challenging for advanced students, and accessible to all levels.

With a background deeply rooted in exercise physiology, Julie helps students and teachers marry the spiritual aspects of the practice with solid anatomical principles. In addition to her public classes, she is also a passionate teacher for many elite athletes, including the US National teams for volleyball, soccer, and cycling.

Julie is certified at the E-RYT500 level and is committed to making Mukti yoga available to students throughout the world. She travels for workshops, retreats, and trainings internationally and in the United States.

Julie learned while young to use the power of her mind through meditation and mental imagery to improve gymnastic performance. She went on to study Psychology and Phys. Education at Union college in Kentucky, where she was a springboard diver and soccer player. Her passion, focus and meditation earned her All-American recognition in diving. Julie continued her academic path at Northern Arizona University where she earned a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology.

Julie's meditations

Breath Meditation - 6 minutes

Using the breath as a mantra is the purest form of meditation. This option is perfect for beginners looking to develop their own meditation practice.

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Mirror Meditation - 7 minutes

This is a self-love and protection meditation that will leave you feeling blissful. Recommended any time you are entering an uncertain or stressful situation.

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Chakra Meditation - 9 minutes

This guided meditation will help you tap into the energy centers (chakras) in your body. It is a great meditation to learn about the chakras and feel their significance in your life as well as notice any imbalances in your body.

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Planting Seeds Meditation - 10 minutes

This meditation is all about setting intentions in your life and finding the tools to grow those intentions each day.

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Loving Kindness Meditation - 10 minutes

This is a Mukti favorite! This meditation sends love out into the world for all who need it. Love holds the highest vibration!

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